Preserving Musical Heritage

through Competition



June 29 was a memorable competition of 21 pianists from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts with jurors of professionals I had befriended over the years with their own excellent musical pedigree. The Sunday of recitals and reception added to the success with a celebration of beautiful music and camaraderie. It was the fine tribute to Frieda Belott Pierone I had wanted to produce and display of music from the Baroque era forward.

I want to express my personal gratitude for the talent who made this dedication to musical heritage possible. Rosewood Fanning salutes them on the website Competition Page and our winners on the Events Page. Please give these musicians the recognition they deserve by visiting these pages.

We have been proud to be part of our participants’ musical journey. Rosewood Fanning encourages all pianists and other musicians to continue their commitment to excellence and be the torch bearers of musical heritage.

Student and professional musicians are a vital part of our culture and deserve support at all levels. However, it is with an abundance of regret that I announce Rosewood Fanning will no longer be active in this musical community. We are grateful for all the many people who made our venture possible.


Kathy Pierone



I was inspired to create a competition framework to showcase the talent of that special pianist. 

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With the direction of faculty from USC, UCLA and Curtis Summer Institute, our goal is to provide musicians with competitions that best meets the demands of future music professionals and the talented amateur.

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We are receptive to ideas from musicians, teachers, jurists and fellow competitors’ comments as we evolve and expand.

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Exceptional pianists in harmony with 88 keys striving to be the best performer in this one day of competition.

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