Announcement — June 21, 2019

Franchezza competition is closed.


It will not be necessary to have an elimination Round 1.

The Capriccio Competition has filled all its time slots.  However, if you would like to be on our “wait- list” in the event an accepted competitor needs to withdraw, please submit an application, but do not submit the fee.  We will contact you accordingly.

We continue to have inquiries regarding the video recording.  Our preference when we designed our competition a year ago was one continuous video of competition pieces. However, Rosewood Fanning now recognizes that our delayed announcement may have  inadvertently discouraged competitors to apply due to the video recording component. Current time constraints may further place an obstacle upon our intended competitors.  Therefore, if necessary, we will accept multiple video recordings of the competition selections with an attestation from the applicant’s music instructor that the competition pieces can be performed in one sitting.

Due to limited time at the Competition venues, please make selections as close to the required minutes as possible (“slightly over/ under” combined selections accepted).

Remember if uploading application materials directly to the website that the only allowed formats are JPEG or PDF.

Video recordings may be copied to a USB and sent via postal mail or, for expediency, uploaded to


Prize Money - June 29, 2019

  • Capriccio: First Prize = $2,500; Second Prize = $2,000; Third Prize = $1,500
  • Franchezza: First Prize = $1,500; Second Prize = $ 1,000
  • Valentine Award: Up to 3 females “of promise”, who have not placed in the above prizes, may be rewarded $500 each.

If there is a tie for any place, each pianist will receive the full amount of that prize. However, jurors reserve the right not to award any prize. Decisions of the jurors are final.


in the Capital Region of New York



Musicians must meet the age requirement by the date of the Finals Competition on June 29, 2019.

  • To be eligible for The Capriccio, the participant must be at least 16 years of age on the day of Finals (June 29, 2019) and under 30 years of age (using birth date).
  • To be eligible for The Franchezza, the participant must be younger than 16 years of age on the day of Finals (June 29, 2019) (using birth date).
  • The Brioso (permanently arm/ hand-impaired) has no age requirement.


There is no geographical requirement. Rosewood Fanning has no geographical “requirement” radius from Schenectady or the Capital District of New York. All musicians are welcome to apply regardless of where they live or attend educational institutions.


  • Submit Application form on-line & upload using appropriate form jpeg or pdf or Download Application and other documents from our website and scan to our email address. (
  • All information needed is on the application, but we will assist in any manner and encourage contact by email, contact form from the website or phone call. (Our official office hours are Mon – Fri from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. eastern standard time. Phone calls at other times may be scheduled by special arrangement via email. 518-372-5253.)
  • Submit the video recording.
  • For the application to be considered, the admission fee of $25 will need to be received with Personal Check, money order or credit card submitted.
  • The application may be submitted first and video recording subsequently.
  • Once the video is submitted, there will be no changes in music selections for the competition. No exceptions.
  • Rosewood Fanning will notify musicians if their application is accepted, incomplete or disqualified within 10 business days of receipt.
  • Once the application is received, each musician will randomly be assigned a number by Rosewood Fanning using a lottery system per event.


Should a musician be prohibited from participating in the Finals at Union: (1) after applying, (2) after submitting the video recording, or (3) after being accepted to perform in the Finals in the Capital Region, please notify Rosewood Fanning immediately in an email or phone call. We understand musicians may have a conflict not previously confirmed such as acceptance into a summer program or other significant opportunity/ event/ unforeseen circumstance. Please provide us with an acceptable reason to withdraw and the musician will not be penalized from participating in other Rosewood Fanning events. However, the application fee will not be returned.

Online Application Form for the June 2019 Competition

2019 Competition Application v7
Residential Address
Your Student Address
Provide student address only if different from home address.
Proof of age will be required in person at the Competition in Schenectady. Do not submit any birth-related documents now.
If you are under 18 when submitting this application, complete and upload a signed statement of parental permission. Click here for parental permission forms.
Ensure to include dates.
The Brioso is limited to permanent hand/arm impaired pianists, but Brioso pianists are not restricted to the Brioso.
The Valentine Award is for female pianists who do not place but demonstrate promising talent at the Finals.
You must affirm, in the field below, the following statements:

1. I understand if I win, I will be required to perform the following afternoon, June 30, 2019, at the Union College Memorial Chapel in Schenectady, NY (unless prior arrangement made with Rosewood Fanning to exempt me).
2. I have read the Competition criteria and I/ my child qualify as selected described in the Competition page. (The Brioso is limited to permanently hand/arm-impaired pianists, but Brioso pianists are not restricted to the Brioso and may apply to another or not compete in the Brioso.)
3. I understand that a YouTube audition will be required and the video digital recording due no later than March 31, 2019.
4. I understand that I will submit a digital file on USB as required in the Video Recording directions.
5. I understand that my application is not complete without payment of the $25 application fee.

If you have chosen to pay online, when you click on "Submit Application" you will be taken to PayPal to complete a secure transaction.
Please submit documents in PDF or JPG format, none greater than 5MB. To upload video, visit our Dropbox folder. You may email files other than video to

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