Rosewood Fanning is an arts organization that was established as a not-for-profit in New York State on April 15, 2016. We are a 501(c) 3 charity registered with the New York State Charities Registration Bureau # 46-72-49. Our prominent production is competition for pianists and other musicians. Rosewood Fanning is based in Schenectady, New York.

We believe our Competition Events provide an innovative improvisation on an old tradition, the musical contest. Rosewood Fanning intends to enhance the existing field with novelty, interesting challenges and offer a variety of opportunities for pianists and other musicians.

  • Musician’s choice of composer and composition (within prescribed musical eras and repertoire for each event)
  • Advanced pianists of any age under 30 years may apply
  • Amateur, Semi-professional or professional musicians are welcome to compete
  • Creation of a unique competition limited to permanently arm/ hand impaired pianists with no age requirement
  • Finalists will participate in person for one day of Final Competition in each category named
  • Qualifying round(s) on the Rosewood Fanning YouTube Channel
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Memorization not required or weighted (page turners provided)
  • Any musicians in a tie situation for any prize will receive the full award
  • Bonus for up to 3 female finalists of promise, who do not place on the final Competition Day
  • Nominal application fee
  • Progress to the Rosewood Fanning prize for the one pianist in The Capriccio Competition placing first in all 3 categories as a solo performer, accompanist and member of an ensemble (as Competition Evolves / may combine subsequent years and/ or in conjunction utilizing our YouTube Channel events) o Simultaneous solo competition for the other instrument(s) for their own award when participating in the Rosewood Fanning Prize
  • Bonus for musicians who place in subsequent years at the Finals
  • Future expansion to have competition for twin piano, four handed piano, beginning or intermediate arm/ hand impaired pianists and other instruments such as the harp
  • Competition surveys by participants and musicians to shape future events

”The Capriccio” (pronounced Kah-preet-she-oh) Competition Event is for musicians ages 16-under 30.

“The Franchezza” (pronounced Fron-ket-zah) Competition Event is for pianists under 16 years of age.

For those pianists of any age with a permanent arm/hand impairment due to any condition, we created a unique competition named “The Brioso” (pronounced Bree-oh-zoh). However, Brioso competitors are not prohibited from entering either the Capriccio or Franchezza simultaneously or independently. Arm/ hand impaired pianists are not required to compete in The Brioso.

There are more detailed descriptions on the individual events in The Competitions drop-down menu.

Due to the limited repertoire of classical music for novice and intermediate arm/ hand impaired pianists currently, we will have YouTube Channel auditions and bring the winners of each category to play at the Competition recital on Sunday following the Competition Finals on Saturday. It is our intent to create a competitive piano repertoire for those skill sets.

Rosewood Fanning encourages anyone who has taken the time to visit and explore our website to submit our Competition Survey. We want to know what you think about our proposals and learn about your own competition experiences, rewards and aspirations. We are receptive to ideas from musicians, teachers, jurists and fellow competitors’ comments as we evolve and expand.

Applications being accepted currently for our Inaugural 2019 Competition.

More important detail below.

Competition Saturday, June 29, 2019

Our inaugural competition events are for advanced solo piano only. Qualified pianists will first compete in YouTube rounds via our YouTube Channel. Finalists will come to the Capital District of New York and perform at Union College. Visit Application Page for more details. The winners will perform at a recital the following day on Sunday, June 30 at the Memorial Chapel. Please visit our Events Page for current information on the June 2019 Competition Weekend.


For students, a recommendation from the musician’s music teacher will be required. For those musicians who no longer have music teachers, provide a reference with your application, which could be a former music teacher. See Application Page for more detail and Competition Specific drop-downs. For professionals and adult amateurs, please attach a resume with your application. Proof of age will be required with copies in person at the final Competition in Capital Region. Do not mail by post or email any birth related documents to Rosewood Fanning.

Geographical Requirement

There is no geographical requirement. All musicians are welcome to apply regardless of where they live or attend educational institutions.

For Round 1 only, 50% of competition slots or as many as 50 pianists for the maximum 100 slots in each event may be reserved for musicians residing in New York State or attending learning institutions in New York State. 

For more information, visit the Application Page.

Competition Fees

There will be a one-time applicant fee in order to participate in the competition event(s). This covers the YouTube submission trial(s) through the Finals in the Capital Region. If Brioso applicants enter more than one competition, only one admission fee will be required. Follow instructions on the application found on the Application Page.


Rules of Competition Repertoire, Musical Eras, Selections for the Finals in the Capital District, Video Recordings for Qualifying Rounds and Adjudication can be found in more detail in the drop-down on this Page.

Reading Music and Memorizing

Musicians will decide how they want to compete. Musicians at their discretion may read sheet music during the video recording and at the Finals in the Capital Region. Those musicians, who feel that memorization is important for their future endeavors or have a preference, may compete without sheet music. Judges will not factor memorization into scoring.

Video Recording

Each competitor must submit a video recording. It does not need to be a professional video recording. Our preference is one sitting as required by the Finals in Capital Region.

For more information, visit the Application Page.

Qualifying Video Round(s)

Round 1 (and Round 2 if necessary) candidates will be on our YouTube Channel. If more than 100 musicians apply in any event category, there may need to be a qualifying round with a screening committee in order to advance to participate in Round 1. Round 2 will be limited to 40 musicians. More detail on the Repertoire page and Application page.

25% of slots for Round 1 will be chosen from New York State candidates, so no locality dominates the Competition and deters anyone from applying. See Application page for more detail.


Competition rounds 1 / 2 and finals will be juried by juror teams of 2-3 professional musicians or music educators. Local competitors will be adjudicated by jurors from outside of the Capital Region whenever possible. More general detail on the Repertoire page.

More specific detail as known will be provided on the Event page.

Finals in the Capital Region

30 musicians total will be chosen to become finalists to play in the Capital Region of New York. It is anticipated 10 pianists will be selected in each of the identified Competitions Events. Rosewood Fanning reserves the right to cancel or modify any competition event due to lack of qualified candidates.

For more detailed information closer to June 29, please see our Event page. The Competition on Saturday and the Competition Winners’ recital on Sunday are open to the public free of charge.


Rosewood Fanning will Wait-List qualified musicians for each Competition Event as scheduled. Musicians will be notified if they are Wait-Listed once competition decisions are made. Candidates for the Wait-List will be requested to advise Rosewood Fanning of their interest in being on a Wait-List when chosen. There is no obligation to attend the next level of competition by accepting being on the Wait-List. Rosewood Fanning will give Wait-List musicians as much advanced notice as possible if someone selected cannot participate. Declinations will not jeopardize future participation in our competitions.

Reserved List

This list will be comprised from the New York “zone” of the Capital Region primarily. The candidates will be ready to attend the Competition for substitution in the situation that a competitor is a no-show or for any unforeseen matter that prohibits their ability to perform as scheduled.

Please note, that if the opportunity to compete does not happen, reserve musicians may still be invited to play in our Sunday reception, as entrance or exit music during the recitals on Sunday or other Rosewood Fanning events.

Prize Money - June 29, 2019

  • Capriccio: First Prize = $2,500; Second Prize = $2,000; Third Prize = $1,500
  • Franchezza: First Prize = $1,500; Second Prize = $ 1,000
  • Valentine Award: Up to 3 females “of promise”, who have not placed in the above prizes, may be rewarded $500 each.

If there is a tie for any place, each pianist will receive the full amount of that prize. However, jurors reserve the right not to award any prize. Decisions of the jurors are final.


Finalists who do not place will receive up to $200 at the Competition to help them cover transportation expenses. Rosewood Fanning will provide room accommodations for the Competition weekend (Fri-Sun as needed). Arrangements need to be made with Rosewood Fanning upon acceptance.

Encouraging Women in Music

Our inspiration for Rosewood Fanning was a female pianist, Frieda Belott Pierone. Advanced at age 13, music framed her life. Frieda’s desire was to become a full-time professional career pianist. We wanted to recognize female talent participating in our Finals with a special prize, The Valentine. (“My Funny Valentine” was Frieda’s favorite song.) Up to 3 Valentine prizes will be awarded for female musicians not winning any prize money, but whose performance showed promising musicianship. Winners of the Valentine Award may play entrance and exit music for either recital on Sunday.

Sunday Juror Fundraiser Recital / Reception / Winners’ Recital

All performances will be at Union College’s Memorial Chapel. Sunday morning, Rosewood Fanning will host a professional performance by the Competition Jurors from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. called “A French Affair” showcasing juror Colin-Marie Orliac’s talents as harpist. Ms. Orliac currently lives in Rome, Italy.

Special Guest performer, Young Kim (Piano faculty of St. Rose).

A buffet reception will be held from noon- 6:00p.m. on Sunday in the ballroom at College Park. Cost is $10 per person for non-guests.

Sunday afternoon Competition Winners will perform. Time TBA.

More information available on the Events page as available.

We hope to see you perform with us.

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