Franchezza Competition

…Being in music, you need this youthful sense of discovery and wonder for what you’re doing and keep your imagination open…” Joshua Bell.

Franchezza is an Italian musical term meaning to play with freedom, confidence or boldness. We look to our youth to carry the torch of learning the craft of playing the piano. This competition wants to capture the aplomb of those students, who practice diligently with an admirable faith in one’s self to master 88 keys. The Franchezza wishes to celebrate the zeal of these young musicians.

Rosewood Fanning wants to acknowledge music teachers, like Theresa Belott D’Agostino (Frieda’s sister and performance partner), who instructed and produced musical forums for her students’ talent such as annual recitals. As a parent, Theresa gave her children lessons in piano and supported other musical expression such as dance. One time she made bee costumes for her young girls and played piano while the trio tap danced and sang “Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee” at the Cobleskill Fair (New York) talent show. That charming performance was how she encouraged youth to participate in the music to enrich their lives.

We pay tribute to Theresa and all the committed parents /caregivers willing to obtain pianos and transport their children to countless lessons and recitals/ talent shows. Rosewood Fanning dedicates this competition to those teachers and parents/caregivers who provided devotion and financial sustenance to these young musicians over the years.

The Franchezza offers category of Piano only: piano solo, twin piano, four hand piano

  • There would be 3 classifications for entry by grade of music: novice, intermediate and advanced except for solo piano.
    Solo piano would be for advanced students only.
  • All competitors must be under the age of 16 on the date of the competition.
  • We would like to explore expanding the categories in The Franchezza to reflect those categories of the Capriccio competition event. If there is enough interest expressed by competitors to include other instruments, we will consider expanding this event for the future.

Please note: Each season Rosewood Fanning will select the category of competition event. Competition Category selections each year may have limited choices depending upon funding and other factors.

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